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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BORTOLETTI SKRAUTSKRIFTARSETT&lt;br&gt;í fallegri gjafaöskju
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, BORTOLETTI SKRAUTSKRIFTARSETT&lt;br&gt;í fallegri gjafaöskju

í fallegri gjafaöskju

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BORTOLETTI skrautskriftarsett.

  • 3 ANTÍK ‘pointed’ oddar: Presbitero Milano 540ef, Logati No230, I VA EXTI No323
  • Handgerð Bortoletti pennastöng. Hliðarsett oddastæði, með skrúfufestingu.
  • Efni: Brons og viður.
  • Lengd: 18 cm.
  • Bortoletti Calligraphy blek: Svart 30ml.
  • Made in Italy
  • Falleg gjafaaskja

Frá framleiðanda:

“The oblique Penholder is an ideal tool for the calligrapher who wants to move to a higher level. Using an oblique pen is much more comfortable than using a straight one. The pen has been designed and tested with the assistance of the calligraphers who collaborate with the Bortoletti artistic foundry.
The lateral screw assists with the adjustment of the nib that must be aligned with the center of the pen laterally. It is inclined slightly upwards to assist with the opening of the nib teeth; by increasing the pressure, they will widen, leaving more ink to create the shadow part of chiaroscuro. In addition, the nib glides on the paper without difficulty and both teeth will be in contact with the paper.
The oblique calligraphy pen has been made entirely by hand by our craftsmen. The care dedicated to each pen is truly unique: bronze and wood worked in the exquisite style of Venetian craftsmanship. The finishes of the materials and the refined details of the bronze decorations are the result of our quest to achieve balance between traditional craftsmanship and innovation. The Venier calligraphy pen is sold in an elegant quality dusty pink cardboard box with a gold logo.
The glass bottle with the screw cap has an excellent seal. The mouth is wide and makes it possible for you to dip the oblique pen without getting it dirty. Hamburg inks are high quality calligraphy inks; the color remains very intense even when the ink has dried.”